Expert Tree Service offers a full range of tree related services including tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, crane service and resale of log loads.

Our company has 8 trucks including a high reach bucket, log truck and dedicated log loader. Also included are multiple state of the art chippers, including a lawn saving wide track machine, bobcats and cranes. Our expert team works with only the best equipment to ensure outstanding results. Services are available for both residential and commercial clients in Monroe County. We provide free written estimates based on your needs and start work when scheduled. When it comes to insurance related jobs, Expert Tree Service has you covered! Quotes are mailed the same day, and we assist the homeowner throughout the process.

Tree Removal in Rochester

Expert Tree Service provides professional tree removal services in the Rochester area. Some trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons, including their location to a residential property, commercial buildings, highway, gardens, or even their proximity to other trees. Whatever the reason is, Expert Tree Service is here to help!

Our specialized equipment will remove the unwanted trees and prevent regrowth. If necessary, we can also have the stump ground out, so it won’t ruin the appearance of your yard or garden. At Expert Tree Service,
we believe not only in a commitment to customer service and best results, but also in minimizing the effects our work has on birds and other wildlife. We can carry out our expert tree removal services at any time of the year. Get in touch with us now for your free written estimate!

Tree Pruning in Rochester

Tree pruning is an essential aspect of your tree’s health and your garden’s impeccable appearance. Expert Tree Service will keep your trees healthy and natural looking with regular pruning services that are tailored to your property’s individual needs.

We offer the full range of tree pruning services, including crown cleaning, thinning, crown raising, crown reduction and general improved aesthetics. Other pruning services can be negotiated according to the client’s goals and desires.

Our crown reduction services enable our team to show off both their skills and artistic flair. This type of service is often undertaken on trees that have outgrown their position. It can also help to greatly improve the state of your garden.

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Crown thinning prevents the sail effect of the trees’ canopies by removing some of the branches and allowing for greater light penetration. The crown raising, on the other hand, removes only the lower branches of the tree to allow for unrestricted access under the tree for both vehicular and pedestrian access.

Expert Tree Service is committed to the health and appearance of trees everywhere, which is why we only employ state-of-the-art equipment and ensure that all of our work is in line with industry best practices.

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Stump Grinding in Rochester

Tree removal can often leave an ugly stump behind that will ruin the appearance of your landscape. Get the stump removed right away with Expert Tree Service’s expert stump grinding services!

Using the best equipment, we ensure our stump grinding and removal process causes little to no disturbance to the area around. Once the tree has been cut to ground level, we can remove the portion that remains in the ground. We will grind the tree stumps into mulch with our specialized equipment, ensuring that your property whether commercial or residential is free from any ugly, dead or damaged tree stumps and looking its best.

Once the work is done, our expert ground crew will clean up the lot so you can enjoy your property’s landscape right away!