When a Tree Falls on Your Property

The Rocheter, NY Weather often leads to unexepected Tree damange to your home or property. If the tree falls down in your yard you are responsible for it, whether it started on your property or not. Even  if your neighbors tree has fallen down on your property, is is now your problem to deal with. You can choose to have a company like Expert Tree Care, Inc come out and cut it up and haul it away or you can try to deal with it on your own or even leave it alone. If the tree is in a section of your yard that is in full view fothe public it makes sense to have it removed. If you decide to have a professional Tree Service company remove the tree, you should check with your Homeowners Insurance to see if the tree removal is covered. If the Tree did damage to your Home make sure to let them know. If the Tree that fell and damaged your property was that of a neighbors, ask your insurance company to deal with your neighbors insurance.

If a tree has fallen into the road or street your local town is usually responsible for the removal of the tree and any damage that occured. If a fallen Tree is touching power lines, alway call the power comapny or emergency service immediatley. The local authorites will cut and remove the trees safely.

If a tree has fallen on your property, call Expert Tree Care for free estimates and advice for  Tree Service and removal in the Rochester, NY area inclduing Greece NY, Hilton NY and all of monroe County .


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